Reduce No-Shows & Increase Bookings Without Paid Ads

Marketing tools built-in to help grow your practice.

Sends SMS & Email Reminders

  • Help Clients Remember Their Appointment
  • Customize your email or text reminders
  • Send Multiple Email or Text Reminders

Follow-up With Clients to Help Them Rebook

  • Automatically send a personalize message every 30/60/90 days to remind clients to rebook
  • Show you care by sending a text the day after an appointment
  • Tag clients and send follows to market to a specific clients

Email Marketing

  • Fill last-minute class and appointment openings and slow days
  • Automatically send custom emails that deliver personalized messages to the right customers
  • Attract new clients and keep them coming back

Review Requests

  • Increase word of mouth marketing
  • More reviews on Google/Facebook means clients choose you over other therapists
  • Branded review requests equals more quality reviews